The NYS Forum Year in Review

The NYS Forum – A Network in Action

For 35 years, the NYS Forum has been a unique Information Technology Public/Private Partnership membership organization with over 11,000 active member profiles drawn from state and local government, corporate entities and not for profit organizations. The Forum’s topical workgroups, special events, trainings and workshops feature subject matter experts from the corporate, not for profit and government membership. Through this collaboration, public sector IT professionals learn about emerging trends and best practices, while corporate members establish relationships with State and Local IT professionals and learn about government IT needs and plans for the future, all in a Vendor Neutral environment.

The value of this model became more apparent throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as unprecedented strains were placed on government agencies and everyone had to quickly adopt new business practices. The Forum adapted to this challenge with new tools, new topics and new collaborations. Since the first lockdowns in March 2020, the results have been impressive. Click the following Image to view the 2020-2021 Year in Review