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For over 30 years The Forum has been bringing together public and private sector IT Professionals to share knowledge and best practices in a vendor neutral, collaborative environment.

The Forum serves New York’s state and local government employees who develop, deploy, maintain, or use Information Technology; and the private sector organizations that work to meet the needs of the constantly changing public sector IT landscape.

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The Benefits of Membership

Public Sector

  • Build relationships with peers in state and city government as well as the private sector
  • Learn about new products, enhancements and technologies
  • Collaborate with colleagues to implement technologies and solve problems
  • Stay up-to-date on trends, opportunities and best practices

Private Sector

  • Learn about State and City IT needs and plans for the future
  • Gain feedback from some of the largest government IT organizations in the U.S.
  • Establish and nurture relationships with State and City IT professionals
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Who Can Participate

The NYS Forum encourages everyone who is interested in Information Technology in the public sector to join with their colleagues and participate in our workgroups, trainings and special events.  If you are a New York State employee or an employee in most New York City agencies, you are already a member and just have to create a Member Profile to begin taking advantage of the Forum's activities. 

If you work for another unit of government, or for a technology company, you can check to see if your organization is already a member.  If not, it is simple to join

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In the News...

Governor Hochul’s State of the State Address

"A New Era For New York"

On January 5, 2022 Governor Kathy Hochul delivered her 2022 State of the State Address outlining her plan for A New Era for New York. In the address, Governor Hochul outlined nine key components of her agenda: rebuilding our healthcare economy, protecting public safety and taking strong action against gun violence, investing in New York’s people, investing in New York’s communities, making New York’s housing system more affordable, equitable, and stable, making New York a national leader in climate action and green jobs, rebuilding New York’s teacher workforce and reimagining higher education, advancing New York’s place as a national equity model, and making critical reforms to restore New Yorkers’ faith in their government.

Governor Hochul’s plan addresses numerous issues of interest to the technology community including proposals to expand the Technology Talent pipeline, Develop the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industry, and expand access to Broadband and transform the State’s Digital Infrastructure.

To read Governor Hochul’s Address, Click Here

To read the full State of the State Book, Click Here


How Eric Adams could make his mark on the city’s tech industry

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams has continued with his rollout of top administration appointments with the new year. With the most recent announcement, Adams has called on Matthew Fraser as the city’s next chief technology officer. While the existing role of chief technology officer doesn’t carry a whole lot of authority, it appears that Fraser will have more responsibility than the person currently in the role, John Paul Farmer. 

“The current chief technology officer has a limited scope. So it’s more about policy than anything else,” Fraser told City & State on Tuesday of the current job description. As it exists now, the role of the chief technology officer includes making recommendations on technology policy and strategy, but the office doesn’t have much authority to implement changes in how the city and its agencies use tech. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted New York City's failures in providing digital services to all New Yorkers. A prime example was in the rollout of vaccine sign-up websites, which exasperated New Yorkers spent hours navigating amid glitches, a lack of user-friendly design and confusing messaging

Fraser currently serves as deputy commissioner for information technology at the New York City Police Department, and prior to that was....

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