Forum to Continue Virtual Meetings for the Immediate Future

Based on the results of the membership survey, Forum meetings and events will continue to be held in a virtual format for the immediate future.  Executive Director Mario Musolino said the results of the survey were clear,  “Even taking into account the use of face coverings and appropriate social distancing protocols, 83% of respondents said they aren’t comfortable attending in-person meetings right now” said Musolino.  As a result, the Forum will continue to plan meetings using the virtual-only format which first started when Governor Cuomo mandated the suspension of in-person events in March.  But according to Program Director Christine Costopoulos, the expanded use of virtual events has had an overall positive impact.  “We have seen more and more people attending events across the Board.  And along with that increased participation we are seeing greater interaction between our NYS and NYC membership” said Costopoulos.

To improve the user experience, the Forum is exploring the addition of new features such as virtual break-out rooms and in-meeting surveys.  Based on the experience of the past few months, the Forum sees the expanded use of Virtual meetings as a permanent part of ongoing activities, whenever we all return to the “New Normal”.